Ahh, the "About Me" bit......here goes....

Hi, I'm Paul Cuthbertson (nightmare of a surname when ordering a takeway) a wedding photographer born and raised in the town of Corsham, Wiltshire.

I have an amazing family, loving wife, two fantastic children and two sausage dogs (Arlo & Baxter)......oh and now a cat!!(Elvis). It's hectic at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I've been photographing weddings for over ten years now, and sharing in some of the most awesome days with my amazing couples. My love for photography started out with family photoshoots and couples shoots many years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed that side of it, but knew I always wanted to get into weddings.

After being asked to second shoot a wedding with another photographer, that was when it hit - the wedding buzz!

You're telling me I could be present at someones big day, get to share in all their joy and excitement, have a right old party with them all.......AND capture it for them to relive again and again? I was sold!

I knew from day one tho, how I wanted to work on weddings. I'd been to far too many weddings myself as a guest where you'd be stood in line having group photos done, hanging around and getting fed up. Then seeing the bride and groom posing awkwardly for ages to get one photo, which they probably hated. That sort of killed the vibe of the day for me.

My outlook on how I shoot a wedding is very uncomplicated. I want you to feel comfortable, I want to take the photos that are meaningful to you, and I want to surprise you with photos that you didn’t even know you wanted, until I showed them to you.

So, to do this, I shoot candid style photos throughout the day, capturing your day as it unfolds authentically. I work in a very relaxed and discrete manner. Im by no means a ninja, or hide in the shadows kinda guy, but I move with the natural flow of the day and try to blend into the background - it's almost like I'm an extra guest with a camera (or two). I will occasionally suggest some posed shots . Nothing cheesy, just relaxed, fun and natural photos that show just how bloody amazing you looked on your big day.

Not only am I relaxed and fun to have around. I'm also quite handy on the day itself.

Ive been known to help sort many a tie, fit many a corsage and occasionally carry the odd bouquet of flowers when needed.

Need scissors?...I got you!

Need tissues?...I got you!

Need a safety pin?....I got you!

Need a chewing gum?...I got you!

Need some cool photos......

If all of this sounds good to you, and you’d like to have a chat about your upcoming big day, what are you waiting for, I'd love to hear from you!